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Educational Initiatives

Company Profile

About Ei – Our history, our values, vision, mission and our products

CEO Speak

Our Mission – Helping children everywhere learn with understanding


Product Brochure

Ei ASSET – Our flagship diagnostic assessment for schools

Student MyBook Report

Personalised post Ei ASSET report for every student. Know the learning gaps 

Teacher MyBook Report

Understand student strengths & weaknesses. Compare performance

Management MyBook Report

Noteworthy insights about the entire school

Ei Mindspark

Product Brochure

Guaranteed learning outcomes for every student

Product Video

Know about the most loved personalised adaptive learning solution 

Personalised Learning Logic

How does personalised adaptive logic work in Ei Mindspark?


Product Brochure

Forecast the performance of your students in final examinations

Student Misconceptions

Misconception Video series

Part of our deep pedagogical research is asking students – Why

Misconception Remediation series

Our approach in remediating a misconception


Ei CSR Policy

Optimize corporate & travel expenses seamlessly.

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