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Large Scale Social Impact Specialists in Education

Ei Shiksha takes our expertise in assessments, educational research, and technology-based personalized adaptive learning for children in low income government schools. We specialize in systemic capacity building projects, impact assessment studies, and research that aim to bring learning outcome oriented reform in education.

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Stories from the forefront

Ei Shiksha has partnered with the Government of Rajasthan to collectively support government school teachers to leverage Ei Mindspark Bhasha to improve students' learning outcomes. This programme is currently reaching 10,000+ students in 70 government schools across the state, with the potential to reach more schools across the country.

Ei Shiksha Projects

Fuelled by the mission to bring impactful change in the education system to create a world where children everywhere learn with understanding, Ei Shiksha has worked on education projects across India, Bhutan, Maldives & Ethiopia in multiple languages with different grades for more than 10 million students.

Mona Foundation

Partnership with Mona Foundation

The Mona Foundation has qualified our Ei-Mindspark initiative as a valuable digital education platform and resource for its partner organizations.
As part of our partnership, we are providing Mindspark to students in three states of India - Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan. Additionally, we have also collaborated with the Mona foundation to implement Mindspark in schools in 3 provinces of South Africa - Northern Cape, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

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Partnership with Amazon India

Ei partnered with Amazon India to implement Amazon Wonder Girls Programme aimed to improve learning outcomes and provide high-quality computer science education to 50,000+ girl children in 100 government schools in Telangana state.

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Partnership with National Stock
Exchange Foundation

Ei partnered with National Stock Exchange Foundation to improve learning outcomes of children in 35 government residential schools (Ashram Shalas) through Ei Mindspark programme in tribal district of Nandurbar in Maharashtra

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Partnership with PLT
Health Solutions

PLT Health Solutions led by the renowned philanthropist, Paul Flowerman, is an esteemed partner of Ei. PLT is a purpose-driven company at the nexus of cutting-edge health and wellness science, consumer trends and brand deployment. Chairman Emeritus and Executive Director of PLT’s People and Planet Initiative, Paul, works closely with the social impact team at Ei. He is on the advisory board of Ei and is devoted to create impact in student learning outcomes, using Ei Mindspark.

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Partnership with Proctor & Gamble

Ei partnered with Proctor & Gamble to improve learning outcomes of 45,000+ children in government schools through Ei Mindspark online in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and Uttarakhand.

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Ei Shiksha - Video Gallery


Ei Shiksha - Gallery

Working Paper Series

Case studies

Mindspark: Improving eduational outcomes in India

Perspectives by Ei Shiksha Implementing EdTech at Home

Perspectives by Ei Shiksha Implementing EdTech at Home

Mindspark: Improving eduational outcomes in India

Mindspark: Improving eduational outcomes in India

Perspectives by Ei Shiksha Implementing EdTech at Home


Ei Dialogues

As a step towards building the conversation on education for social impact, we have launched a video series where we intend to meet education leaders and understand their efforts, theory of change, perspectives and insights from working in the sector. The series aims to initiate dialogue, confront blind spots, and stimulate different ways of thinking, knowing, and working on education in India.

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