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The litmus test for academic brilliance

Ei ASSET Talent Search (Ei ATS) is a scientifically designed, globally recognised, gold standard of assessment. Students scoring above 85 percentile in Ei ASSET are invited to take the Ei ASSET Talent Search.

This test evaluates students' extent of academic giftedness by assessing them on topics two levels above their current grade. The questions are scientifically designed to uncover the latent scholastic talents of students and transform it to academic achievements through a structured approach.

Features of the Product

Multiple Choice Questions| No Negative Marking| No Preparation Test| Online Proctored

Above Level Testing: This type of testing experience provides insight into a student’s academic abilities, builds test-taking skills, and provides insight into how a student’s talents compare to others in their age group

Early Identification of Talent: Early identification is critical to address the scholastic needs of students so that parents can
provide a challenging and engaging learning environment for their kids.

Recognition and Awards: Recognition of accomplishments includes a certificate of merit as well as school notification of
participation and medals for the toppers who are in the top 15% of students. The top scores are awarded as Ei ASSET gold & silver Scholars.

Score Summary: A score results summary is provided to each student showing a comparison of their test performance among all talent search participants. This report offers ideas and advice for academic development based on performance.

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Case studies

Mindspark: Improving eduational outcomes in India

Perspectives by Ei Shiksha Implementing EdTech at Home

Mindspark: Improving eduational outcomes in India

Perspectives by Ei Shiksha Implementing EdTech at Home

Mindspark: Improving eduational outcomes in India

Perspectives by Ei Shiksha Implementing EdTech at Home

Our Talent Nurturing Partners

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Gifted India Network

Opportunities to become a member of the Gifted India network, where students and their parents can attend different forums

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Opens up opportunities to enrol in India’s leading Summer residential camp for gifted students organised by GenWise

Other Talent Nurturing Partners

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45,000+ students explored new academic opportunities

Student Awards & Recognition


For every participating student

Certificate of Excellence

Awarded to subject toppers

Gifted Opportunities

Programmes for academically gifted students

Ei ASSET Talent Search

Based on a child’s Ei ASSET score*, they might get invited for the higher-level test, Ei ASSET Talent Search. This test identifies gifted students who will qualify further for gifted programmes by Ei ASSET and partner universities. The Ei ASSET team has been offering programmes for gifted students for the last nine years and have delivered more than 70 advanced courses to 650+ academically-gifted students across India and the UAE. *Please visit Ei ASSET Talent Search website to know more about a child’s eligibility for the test.

Please visit www.ei-ats.com to know more.  

Full-time support for you and your teachers

Our academic support team remains with you every step of the way and helps your teachers make the most out of the insights derived, plan remedial measures and make necessary adjustments to their teaching plans.

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