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Paul Flowerman

Paul Flowerman brings five decades of building strong international collaborations to Ei’s advisory board. He is an attentive hands-on student of cultures and languages, which has been his “secret sauce” in building PLT Health Solutions and undertaking education and social equity initiatives in the USA and internationally. He is Chairman Emeritus and Executive Director of PLT’s People and Planet Initiative. He divides his time between these responsibilities and his social entrepreneurship activities, with much energy devoted to his role as a “Mindspark Evangelist.”

Upon completing his AB at Princeton in History (Certificate in History and Philosophy of Science), Paul developed an experimental chemistry program in rural Peru and then joined the Peace Corps to create and teach a Malaysian language physics curriculum. Upon securing his AM at Harvard in History of Science, he completed an NYU MBA in Marketing and International business and joined a small foreign trade company.  In 1984, He became President and owner of PLT, which he has developed over four decades into a leading provider of branded clinically supported botanical formulations for the dietary  supplement and food industries. As a 2018 Advanced Leadership Fellow at Harvard, he developed his personal narrative and social entrepreneurship skills. He was introduced to Educational Initiatives through a Harvard Business School case study which focused on the challenges to introduce Mindspark into the public sector. For five years, Paul has worked closely with Pranav Kothari to translate Mindspark into new languages of instruction, scale in the public sector, and establish new initiatives in India and S. Africa, with additional country initiatives in incubation.

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