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Kannan Perumal

Kannan ensures that Ei builds a world-class technology team that keeps our products honed for greatness. Being passionate about technology, Kannan has always felt that there is always more to learn, and new boundaries to explore and indulges in a wide spectrum of tech and tech-related aspects.

Entering the EdTech Industry was quite honestly a stroke of serendipity! He found that there was much common ground and synergy between what Ei is into vs what he has been exploring in the EdTech field. The joy of learning something new and his curiosity to explore keeps the team focused on what matters, ensuring that our solutions stay true to their goal of helping raise the bar of learning outcomes.

Since he has been fortunate enough to be mentored in the past – by extraordinary technology managers, and highly refined people managers, you will often find him sharing with his team members, tips/life skills that people were generous enough to share with him in the past.

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