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Paul Flowerman

Ei Mindspark uses Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Data Analytics to make it possible for children to learn on an individual basis

Economist Karthik Muralidharan

Ei Mindspark is better than anything I’ve ever seen in 15 years of educational research.

Nobel Laureate, Abhijit V Banerjee

One of the interventions tried in Rajasthan-Mindspark, which is run by a private company has proved effective with science and math learning for kids. It identifies the stage at which the child is and takes him or her to the next level through a personalized learning journey.

Isra Sarah

Using Ei Mindspark on a regular basis has helped me to practice further the basis of mathematics being taught at school. The quizzes and the challenging questions makes it very interesting.

Priyanka Gopinath

We, parents of Priyanka, have seen that Priyanka shows great involvement in solving math problems using the Mindspark online platform. Solving problems in Ei Mindspark enables our daughter to reinforce the mathematical concepts taught in school.

Ritika Rkalaskar

Ei Mindspark is great! I love it and it is so educational for young children. My little sister keeps asking me for my password as she too wants to use Mindspark

Vismaya Singal

Ei Mindspark makes serious subjects like Maths, fun. I love the Mindspark website as it has greatly helped me in my studies.

Qurat Ul Absar

I believe that every child deserves to learn at their own pace and Ei Mindspark’s adaptive logic ensures that no child is left behind. As a teacher I enjoy Ei Mindspark as I can keep track of my students and how many questions they are doing, where they made mistakes and can discuss the same.

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